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Residential Air Conditioning

Temperature changes feel uncomfortable at home? Keep your family comfortable in all temperatures from scorching heat to freezing cold with Aircon Brisbane’s wide range of residential air conditioning selection.

The air conditioning system can be installed in one of the two ways ducted or split.

Split air conditioning systems are quite economical, handy as well as flexible along with a large range of options for styling including shapes and colours. These systems can be mounted on any wall, ceiling or even your floors to suit your needs. The most adaptable set of systems, split systems offer a variety of facilities such as remote temperature control to allow you to easily adjust temperatures from where you sit, configuration and temperature saving settings in WiFi controlled supported devices, energy efficient cooling to ensure you do not have to worry about your electricity bill, movement sensors for swing functionality and even more features you won’t be able to imagine all packed in one system.

Ducted air conditioning systems are quite the hidden gems that can be customized for your entire house. A central cooling system that ensures discreetness through a series of concealed air ducts in your ceiling giving away its subtle presence only through an air mesh. An outdoor condenser collects the air, cools it and pumps it throughout all the rooms of your house maintaining a steady comfortable temperature. It is not only discreet but also flexible and light weight along with availability insulated ducting during installation. Ducted systems also come with smart control functionality allowing you to control the temperature settings for the entire house or certain rooms from your mobile phones. It allows you to switch on your system before you arrive home and even close it if you have left and forgotten to do it. Ducted systems have proven to have shown improvement in economic and environmental impact through its temperature control technology.

Aircon Brisbane are among some of the top-notch businesses offering split residential air conditioning systems from some of the top vendors such as Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi and Fujitsu. Ducted systems from MyAir, AIrtouch and many more are the best quality smart controllers being provided by Aircon for over a decade now in the regions of Brisbane and northside.

No matter the tormenting and burning heat of the days or the numbing cold of the nights, air conditioning systems from Aircon Brisbane can turn the surrounding temperatures so fast that you wont even realise the effect of heat or cold anymore. You and your family would be so comfortable that the weather won’t be able to touch your mood. Get the Aircon Services and change the way you look at weather and temperature alterations these days.

Nothing is too easy but nothing is impossible too. Your requirements are set in our minds and through a dedicated workforce and experience we give you the best possible result right in your homes.